Corporate identity redesign

Sulion is constantly evolving, not only in its products and processes but also in its image and values. In 2021, it consolidates itself as a leader in ventilation and specialist in lighting.

In 2022, the company is renamed Sulion Digital S.A. This change is accompanied by the constant professionalization of the company and international growth.

Ventiladores Sulion

Sulion, Corporate identity redesign.

The brand

The company, which over the years changed almost everything until it found its star product, could not establish itself as a leader in the sector, and as a result, it had been carrying a more generic corporate identity.

For years, they have been laying strong foundations in the Spanish market, now being considered leaders in the ventilation sector and major specialists in the lighting area. With a clear path ahead, they have decided to renew their branding, both internally and externally, to show the world who they really are.

Sulion iluminación

The problem

Their identity needed to be used on too many supports, at too many levels, and in many different sizes. Considering this, they had serious legibility problems, especially when printing in small sizes.

Furthermore, their corporate identity did not speak properly about them, needing to position themselves and be able to identify themselves even more in the industry. Obsolescence was a fact, and they needed to move forward.

The iconography caused many problems for printing and visualization, with a logo that was too thin for one-color printing on silver wood or cardboard, causing discomfort in their final customers' reading experience.

Sulion iconografía antigua


We kept the old typography since it worked well on a large number of supports, but we made some changes. In addition, we retouched the previous colors to maintain the same essence but providing a higher level of contrast.

Thus, Sulion has evolved into a small isotype that truly represents them. In addition to changing to a more modern and weightier typography, allowing them to solve many of the problems they had. Thus, our new brand was born.

Identidad corporativa Sulion
Diseño Sulion Ventiladores
Ventiladores Sulion comprar
Comprar ventilador sulion


One of the main concepts we worked on is their products: ventilation and lighting. This is how the concept of this new corporate identity was born:

Sulion marca concepto

Sulion 2.0

Based on this latest proposal, we made changes to the brand at almost all levels.

Logo, identity, packaging, communication, colors, concept, and more. Now, Sulion is a brand that is up-to-date and can be much closer to its customers when delivering messages, campaigns, and promotions throughout the year.

Lines, refraction, and constant movement will be the starting point for all our brand's new graphic applications.

Sulion diseño aplicacion
Ventiladores sulion
Sulion ventilación
Sulion bombillas
Sulion mockup
Sulion web

We give your home fresh air, Sulion.

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