Corporate Identity Design

Disvoize is the flexible and sustainable alternative solution to traditional group tour guide systems, also known as whisper systems, commonly used to improve communication between presenters and their audiences.

Disvoize, Identidad corporativa

Disvoize, Corporate Identity Design.

The Project

The main idea of our project comes from the basic and most used function of frequency transmission, which is used by radios and almost any device that intends to emit a signal from point A to point B.

Traditional tour guide devices work in a similar way, and Disvoize aims to replace these more traditional devices with more ecological, easy, and economical alternatives. We have deemed it appropriate to include this concept in the branding of our product, as after all, this is what it will do.

Diseño de logo, Disvoize Responsive logo design, Disvoize

About color

The color choice has been quite a challenge, as we wanted to naturally stand out within the sea of apps that exist on every device nowadays.

For this reason, we sought out colors associated with technology, but that are very contemporary. From here, we saturated the color to the extreme, but respecting certain readability thresholds.

Therefore, our designs will mostly be on white backgrounds to avoid eye and retina saturation of our potential users.

brand color, Disvoize
Disvoize, Tipografia corporativa


The use of the brand will be 98% digital, so we won't focus much on flat inks or Pantones, as they will hardly be used, except for very specific things and for the brand's own internal and administrative management.

Once we have chosen our color, we have applied it to the general artwork of our brand, achieving great results. By saturating the color, we have managed to highlight our icon within a complicated iconographic system.

Disvoize app
App Disvoize
Papeleria corporativa, Disvoize
Bus logo, Disvoize

Thank you for making us part of your voice, Disvoize.

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