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Usability and user interface

This project focuses on the creation of an exclusive platform for Bourjois, designed for simple and elegant user participation. The platform allows customers to enter unique product codes, complete a form and receive their rewards directly to their email, without intermediaries or hassle. Our approach is to provide a solution that combines refined aesthetics with an intuitive user experience and no additional fees.

Figma prototype
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About the project

Developing the Bourjois platform has been an exciting and strategic project. We focused on creating a seamless experience for both desktop and mobile users. The platform allows customers to enter unique product codes, complete a form and receive their rewards directly to their email.

The Problem

Faced with the task of creating a minimalist interface, our mission was to guide users through a linear funnel, ensuring successful completion of the process. With a focus on the mostly female audience with a certain purchasing power, the aesthetics had to reflect the characteristic elegance of the Bourjois brand.

My role

Our approach as Senior Product Designer focused on developing a minimalist interface that did not compromise on functionality (User experience). We implemented an easy to complete funnel and funnel structure that ensures a smooth user experience (User friendly). The ability to store all participations allows for efficient and transparent management.


To address the refinement of the Bourjois platform, we immersed ourselves in extensive research of UX and UI best practices in the beauty and fashion space. Our design team, working closely together, conducted brainstorming sessions to conceive the most effective and aesthetically aligned solution with the essence of Bourjois. We created several wireframes and prototypes, subjecting them to user testing to refine each aspect based on the feedback gathered.

The key decision was to focus on a simplified and elegant interface, incorporating visual elements that capture the user's attention and guide them seamlessly through the engagement process. We focused on organizing information in a more accessible way and implementing a real-time filtering system to streamline the user's search. We introduced a real-time cart that allows participants to visualize and adjust their prize selection clearly and conveniently throughout the process.

As for the UI, we opted for a modern and clean design that reflects the unique essence of Bourjois. We used a captivating color palette to attract the user's attention and created custom iconography that visually represents the rewards available. We carefully implemented the design to ensure a consistent user experience across all platforms, ensuring that every interaction reflects the distinctive elegance of the Bourjois brand.

Problem #1

The interface was user-friendly, but there was an inadequate layout of the elements, which caused the average user to take longer than normal to complete their tasks or eventually quit.

Problem #2

The interface was not visually appealing, which did not inspire enough confidence in users to include their personal data.

Problem #3

The interface had too many disruptive elements, which distracted the user from the final task, which had to be completed in a short time to avoid abandonment rate.

Target audience



Low budget




User centered design

See figma prototype

Model users

In the process of refining the Bourjois platform, we immersed ourselves in valuable conversations with a select group of 15 participants, who explored the existing interface and shared their detailed opinions and feedback. Through these interviews, recurring challenges emerged, such as searching for key information, lack of clarity in engagement processes, and the absence of user support tools. These fundamental revelations inspired significant adjustments to the new interface.

To address these challenges, we implemented strategic improvements, including simplifying the navigation structure and creating a help guide to provide detailed assistance to users. We then subjected the new interface to usability testing with real participants, ensuring that each adjustment met the audience's expectations and needs.

In short, the process of dialoguing with Bourjois experience participants and listening to their perspectives was essential to the development of the platform. The improvements implemented have resulted in a more intuitive and satisfying user experience, reflected in a noticeable increase in participation and greater satisfaction among our users.


The result is a highly customizable and aesthetically appealing Bourjois platform. The simple and intuitive interface ensures successful user engagement, providing a solid foundation for future promotional projects. I hope these texts align with your expectations. If there are any adjustments you would like to make or additional details I should take into account, don't hesitate to let me know.

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